2015 Château Vieux Pourret Saint-Émilion Grand Cru

Saint-Emilion(聖愛美隆)是法國波爾多(Bordeaux)五大產區之一, 也是最古老的著名葡萄酒法定產區。而這支葡萄酒是由一間小型的釀酒廠Château Vieux Pourret 所釀造的,葡萄園大約只有6公頃,而每年產量大約只有2萬支左右,所以非常珍貴。


在波爾多(Bordeaux)幾個主要產區之中,Saint-Emilion (聖愛美隆)的土質組成最為複雜多變,沙礫、粘土、石灰岩這三個土質都能在這個產區找到。 由於粘土和石灰岩是 Saint-Emilion(聖愛美隆)的主要土壤,所以 Merlot 和 Cabernet Franc 依舊是該產區的主要種植葡萄。 


葡萄酒主要由 80% Merlot 和 20% Cabernet Franc 製成,酒體堅實厚身,色澤深紅,單寧不會過於強勁,澀度較低、香氣濃郁,口感舒適柔順平滑而且酸度適中,能做到多方面都非常平衡。酒釀在橡木桶中陳化了一年,充滿濃郁木味及果香融合李子和黑櫻桃略帶巧克力和甜香料及煙草味道。


食品配搭: 牛肉,羊肉,家禽


Saint-Emilion is one of the top five Bordeaux producing regions, the largest and oldest known wine producing area.And also this wine is made by a small winery Château Vieux Pourret, the vineyard is only about 6 hectares, each year provided about 20,000 bottles of wine.Therefore it is very precious.


Among the main producing areas of Bordeaux, the soil composition of Saint-Emilion is the most complex and varied. The three soils of gravel, clay and limestone can be found in this area. These differences lead to a different grape growing ratios in different locations, but since clay and limestone are the main soils of Saint-Emilion, Merlot and Cabernet Franc are still the lead in the region. 


Saint-Emilion's red wine is mainly made from 80%of Merlot and 20% of Cabernet Franc.  Which has a rich aromas and deep red colour. And also, It is full bodied with tannins that are not too strong. It is very well balance and suitable for everyone. Moreover, this wine have aged in oak barrels for one year, the wine is shows intense wood and fruity fusion plum and black cherry with hints of chocolate and sweet spices and tobacco.


Food pairing: Beef, Lamb, Poultry



2015 Château Vieux Pourret Saint-Émilion Grand Cru